Buying a Ranch in Texas

Buying a Ranch in Texas – 5 Things to Look For


It’s no surprise why so many people dream of buying a ranch in Texas. It’s a great investment, and the open spaces offer numerous intangible benefits from outdoor recreation to an opportunity to truly live off the land. 

If you’re considering buying a ranch in Texas, there are some key things that you’ll need to look for and these are five of the most crucial. 

Intended Use of the Land

One of the key things to consider is your intended use of the land. In regards to buying land for a ranch, this could look very different if it’s primarily going to be a home or double as an income. If you’ll be buying the land to function as a working ranch with livestock, then you’ll need to take into account such things as its proximity to roads and how many animals can graze on the property, also known as the stocking rate. 

If you plan to use the land as a hunting ranch, then you’ll also have to consider the population size of any existing species on the property – both game and protected species. 

Does the Land Have Access to Utilities?

Many rural ranches may be out of reach for city or even county utilities. Knowing what TV, phone, internet, electric, and water utilities are available will probably play a key part in the piece of land you’re considering. If these utilities aren’t available, then you will likely need to provide your own power through a generator or make the investment to bring in permanent utilities and a septic system. 

What Kind of Water Access is Available?

The more rural your property, the more important the water on it becomes. Not every piece of land is lucky enough to have a natural stream or river running through it. If you don’t have access to city or county water utilities, then you’ll need to see if any existing wells are in the area or reach out to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water to establish the quality of any groundwater or ponds on your land. 

Consider the Land’s Future Appreciation Outlook

Texas is booming with growth and land values are only going up. As with any piece of land, considering the location is key whether you plan to pass it on down through family generations or possibly sell it one day. You’ll want to look at the appraisals of other ranches in the area and compare in terms of size and resources available on the land. Everything from natural resources such as minerals and timber to highways and any nearby commercial or residential developments should be taken into consideration. 

Weather Patterns and Flood Plains

Texas weather in the Houston area can be pretty different than in Amarillo. Look at the area’s historical weather data to get an idea of how much rainfall the property gets during the different seasons as well as the temperature highs in the summer and lows in the winter. 

Yes, you can ask the locals, but to be more confident in your investment it’s advised to check with the National Weather Service to see just what Mother Nature is up to when it comes to the ranch that you’re looking to purchase. 

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