Everything You Need To Consider About Property Access When Buying A Ranch

Kyle W. M. Graham Uncategorized

Owning a ranch is a dream come true. Get More Info because some people are just not made for the noise of the city, so rural living can be extremely rewarding, and if you need money and want to buy your home here you can apply for a low interest home loan. If you are also considering in buying in a new place, then Sherwood is one of the top mortgage brokers in Toronto.

Buying a ranch is also a detailed process. You want to make sure you are fully aware of all the ins and outs of the land before you commit to a purchase. Knowing what sort of property access the land has is important. Here are a few things to be sure to check into when it comes to property access.


When looking at possible land for your ranch, it may seem like all is quiet and private, but you want to double check and make sure that others don’t have unrecorded access to the land.


Squatters are defined as people who set up residency on your land without permission. Luckily, laws against squatters in Texas are some of the toughest in the country.


Make sure to ask about whether or not prescriptive rights exist. Prescriptive rights, or easement, is when the land owner gives someone else the right to use their property for a certain purpose.

For example, if a property owner that has public access and his neighbor doesn’t, sometimes he will give his neighbor rights to cross through the property to get to his own land. Be sure to ask if there have been any unofficial agreements made for property use as well. You don’t want to have the surprise of an unwanted trespasser.


When looking at ranch property, get familiar with the surrounding area and know what type of access the property has. Many ranches have a fence around the perimeter of the property. Be sure to inspect the fence and check the quality. If it is older and needs maintenance or replaced, it is a good idea to look into the cost first. Look at the entry gates. Are they manual or electric? How easy is it or someone else to enter? If the property is open and you need it fenced, what is the estimated cost to get a fence installed? Those are some things that will add the the expenses or value of the property.


While living in the country can be beautiful, it can also be challenging depending on how well the roads are maintained. Take note of the roads as you drive to and around the property. Are the roads leading up the the property paved or dirt? Check and see if the county maintains it, as it can be a real hassle to maintain yourself, especially in winter weather. Can all the property be accessed by a regular car or truck, or do you need an off-road vehicle to get around?

It is a good idea to get to know the local county commissioner. He will be able to give you more information about the road maintenance and property history.


Finding a piece of property that is private but also easily accessible isn’t that hard. As you ask the questions listed above, you will see if the ranch for sale is the right fit for you. Talk to one of our realtors today to help you find the perfect piece of country space.