How to choose the right utility vehicle for your ranch

How to Choose the Right Utility Vehicle for Your Land

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A utility vehicle is an essential tool for any one who owns a ranch or a large piece of property. Thinking about purchasing a utility vehicle for your farm? Here are some tips to consider when searching for the right utility vehicle for your ranch. 

How is Your Terrain?

The terrain impacts the type of utility vehicle you need. For example, if your land is hilly and has a lot of steep inclines, you need something that is stable and will avoid rollovers while you work like a Gator™. Flat areas are easier to navigate, so you can consider less expensive options like a golf cart.  

What is Your Budget?

Of course your need to consider how much you can afford to spend which can limit your choices.   

What, Who, Where, or How Often Do You Haul?

What you haul plays a major role in your decision. You need a vehicle that can handle the weight. However, your decision should also look at how often you need to haul things around, and even who you haul around. For example, if you haul a group of people out to the fields every day, along with equipment, you’ll need something to manage that size. 

If you only need to move things around the farm every so often, and it’s just you, you can choose a smaller more practical utility vehicle. Of course, where you are hauling is also important. Even if you only use the vehicle for firewood, if your trip is into the forest, you’ll need something with good balance as opposed to say a golf cart.

Consider Your Utility Vehicle Options

The higher your budget, the more flexibility you have in your choices. Here are the most common utility vehicles used on farms:

  • Gator™: The Gator™ is the most practical, handy utility vehicle around. It can maneuver on just about any surface and is small enough to manage a short drive to grab the mail, but also haul heavier loads and people. Because it is so versatile however it also comes with a higher price tag.
  • Mule: Similar to the Gator™ the Mule is great for carrying up to 4 people. Another feature that comes in handy for the mule is the back dumping option. Unfortunately, these are up there in price as well, so if you wanted a more affordable option the Mule isn’t the answer.
  • Golf Cart: This is a very affordable option, and lots of fun to drive. This is perfect if you need to get around on large tracts with the whole family in tow. If you need to do some hauling, many golf carts have a fold-down flat. They are affordable, but of course, this also means they have a few issues. For example, they aren’t designed for hauling large items, and can’t navigate less than even terrain. Golf carts are designed for smoother roads and surfaces so while they can handle hills, they definitely aren’t designed for challenging terrain.
  • ATV: Four-wheelers can be a great option especially when used with a cart attachment. However, they only work if you are using them on your own. They don’t have enough room to carry passengers safely. These vehicles can stand up to all the other challenges as they are designed for challenging terrain, and with the addition of the trailer, you’re good to go with a very reasonable price tag.
  • Lawn Mower: Lawnmowers fitted with a cart can get you around and allow you to haul as well. As long as you don’t have difficult terrain, you can save yourself some money and invest in a cart instead of a whole new vehicle.

When you own or manage land, a utility vehicle is essential to getting the most out of your land. If you’re looking to buy or sell property, reach out to an expert at Ruple Properties.