The Importance Of A Good Shelterbelt (Windbreak)

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Texas weather is unpredictable. Between scorching heat waves, treacherous ice storms and tornado season, the famous saying rings true, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute!” Farmland plains can be especially vulnerable to changes in weather conditions. Harsh winds can cause soil erosion and damage crops.

A planted row of trees or shrubs designed to prevent erosion from weather is known as a shelterbelt or windbreak. Shelterbelts are a great way to minimize damage and keep your property safe. Here are a few reasons why a shelterbelt is a good idea for your land.


Strong winds can be a destructive forces for farmland. High speed gusts will sweep across crop and scatter seeds, or sandblast fields and cause major erosion. Winds can also inflict damage on buildings and farm equipment. A windbreak is a low-cost way to build a natural barrier between your property and the elements.

When wind gust encounter the shelterbelt, air pressure increases on the windward side and decreases on the other side. Not only is the wind reduced within the shelter’s safety, but it is almost less gusty because the turbulence is dampened.

If you are “lucky” enough to see a good amount of snow in Texas, windbreaks can also protect from snowdrifts causing damage to your buildings outside equipment.

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If designed the right way, shelterbelts are a great way to cut down on your heating bill in the winter and save some money. Up to one-third of the heat loss in a building comes from cold air forcing it’s way through cracks in and around windows and doors. If you need some great heating frame panels in your home, then check out

The trees act as a natural insulator from wind and snow in the cold months. Studies have shown that homeowners can save as much as 25% on heating costs with a mature windbreak! These savings adds up, and can help keep more money in your pockets during the colder months.


Planting trees for a windbreak is not only practical, it’s also a way to add some beauty to your property. They provide shade in the summer, and more privacy for your land.

Shelterbelts also decrease traffic noise, and provide a safe barrier between your land and the road. This is especially handy if you have a farm or ranch with animals, as it will protect them from traffic.

Rows of strong trees  also tend to increase property value.

Having a windbreak is good for you too! New scientific studies have shown that trees actually increase physical and mental human health, decreasing the level of the stress hormone, cortisol. Adding trees to your property is an overall beneficial decision.


For more information on the types of shelterbelts and how to build them, visit Texas A&M’s Forest Service Site.

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